How LinkedIn Sales Navigator & SalesLoft Power Human Selling


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Will Bracewell here. Today, I’m here to talk to you about using LinkedIn Sales Navigator in tandem with Salesloft.

We all know that salespeople universally turn to LinkedIn to get information about their prospects. With such a robust database, it’s important to have access directly within your sales engagement platform. That’s why we recently partnered with LinkedIn to make our customer’s lives easier. Let’s look at two ways that you can use Salesloft and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to crush your goals.

Sales Navigator is a powerful supplement to my prospecting efforts. From any person or company page within Salesloft, I’m able to view any basic LinkedIn information. I can see real-time news, recommended leads, and common connections with my prospects. This helps me determine a strategy for breaking it into any of my accounts. For example, if I see Company X recently received around a funding, and I have a close mutual friend who’s connected to a sales manager, I immediately have it in. I can ask for an introduction or learn more about my prospect in order to connect more meaningfully.

Obviously, not every situation will have such a clear-cut path. It’s your job to apply a creative approach. A great example that I’ve seen, a sales rep has noticed that it’s a high-value prospect’s birthday and immediately sent them cupcakes with a hand-written note. Teeing up this information in-app, quickly let the rep pivot their strategy. While insights like these are great, situations always vary.

The challenge of personalization aesthetic can be really time-consuming. By having LinkedIn within Salesloft, you can copy and paste or reference data, all within one place. Notice you have a mutual connection? Namedrop them at the beginning of a conversation. With wins made quicker than ever, you can add personalization across a ton of conversations at once. No changing tabs, no multiple windows, and all your information is going to be right within Salesloft, whether you’re making a phone call or sending an email.

Thanks for watching. I hope you learned a few tips about using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesloft together. Feel free to drop any questions or comments below. Thanks again and have a great day.

Sales reps everywhere use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to deliver personalized messages, see common connections, and even publish their own content. With over 500 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is undoubtedly powerful.

While it’s value is indisputable, using it in conjunction with your full sales stack can present problems. When an entire sales team spends its time switching tabs, tools, and contexts constantly, it’s hard to work efficiently. Since the modern sales landscape demands a fast pace, Sales Engagement software that integrates your entire tech stack in one place balances time and relevance. That’s why we were thrilled to announce a partnership with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to add one of the most used sales tools to our customer’s platform.

Today, Will Bracewell joins us to share exactly how the integration works and what your team can do to find success using two of the world’s top sales tools. Let’s take a look:

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