Learn Your Sales Craft with Trish Bertuzzi


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My advice wouldn’t be any different for a woman starting in sales. It would be for anyone starting in sales. And it’s that learn your craft.

Don’t expect your company to provide you with every little thing you need to know and do. It’s a craft. You have to work at your craft, like an actor or a doctor or a mechanic. I mean, really invest, because your future, you own it, you need to invest in it.

My technology when I started was a pad and paper, a pen, and a phone, right? So now there’s technology that does so much for a Sales Development Rep. So many of the mundane tasks are automated. And I think when you combine that with the intelligence that the technology provides, we know so much about our buyers now.

We really can become their trusted advisors and have really valuable conversations with them, because that technology is delivering that intelligence to us, and I think that’s why sales development has become even more powerful than ever before. It kills me, because people will invest a fortune in hiring people but then not set them up for success.

I mean, these tools will make your team more successful. You don’t have to buy everything on the planet, but figure out what part of your process needs assistance, and then go find the right tool for you.

Want to know why Trish Bertuzzi is such a sales powerhouse? Because she knows what it takes for anyone to make it in the industry. Her first piece of advice: Learn your sales craft.

No matter who you are — male, female, sales rep, mechanic — you have to invest in your future by learning as much as you can about your craft before the industry chews you up and spits you out. In sales development, things like owning your training and mastering the technology are just a few steps to take in learning your sales craft.

Watch the video below to hear the advice from Trish herself at this past year’s Rainmaker conference. And stay tuned for more exciting news headed into Rainmaker 2017, which will be filled with more motivational nuggets in the new year!

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