Customizing Your Sales Call Messaging is the Key to Customer Connectivity


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Hey, everyone. This is Jordan Arogeti over here at Salesloft and I’m a Team Lead.

Today we’re going to talk about three tips to be a successful SDR. Other than the obvious of setting a lot of meetings and demos, there’s a lot of things that are actually in your control that you can focus on day to day.

The first tip is your attitude. When you look across the span of industries, whether it’s sales development or something else, your top performers tend to be the most positive. They’re the ones that have that great attitude. No matter where they are in terms of metrics, whether they’ve had a good day or a good week, they see the silver lining.

I’m a big believer that our prospects can really pick up on that sort of energy and that positivity, and really that confidence. The second tip is empathy. We talk a lot about empathy here at Salesloft, both internally and externally. Externally, it’s so important that when you’re calling these prospects, they’re not expecting your call.

Let’s admit it, no one really likes a cold call. So the more that you can empathize with the position that these people are in, understanding what it is they’re trying to accomplish and what their road blocks are, the more trust you’re going to be able to build and ultimately the better the opportunity.

Really kind of focus on that empathy when you’re on that call. Try to really think about what I can do to really connect with this person. Then, the final tip is consistency. I look at our team over at Salesloft, and I think to myself that the most the top performers are really the ones that are the most consistent with their day, and structured with their day. That’s primarily because we all know that there’s going to be days or weeks when it doesn’t go as well as we kind of hope.

If you can have consistent behavior, that means keeping up your call volume and email volume, you’re going to set yourself up for success. It allows you to kind of hone your skill and prepare for those rainy days where we know things may not come as easy as possible.

That’s it. I hope these tips are helpful for you and your SDR team, and something to keep in mind day to day. As always, we here at Salesloft are here to help. Thanks so much for spending some time with me today.

Sales call messaging that resonates with your customers is the best way to connect with more people, with more sincerity. To do this, you need to be catering your sales messaging in a way that shows your true empathy for buyers’ specific needs — and your understanding of their pain points — which will, in turn, allow you to give a value prop that shows how your solution solves those pains.

Your sales call messaging should always be matched to your buyers, and sincere sellers should know the right questions to ask to fully understand those personas priorities. Implement a process to that allows you to dive deeper with each conversation, and ultimately increase your momentum to get over the finish line.

Today on SDR TV, we have Salesloft SDR Team Lead Jordan Arogeti here to talk you through her three sales call messaging strategies that will help you become a sincere and successful Outbound Sales Development Rep. Check out the video to learn more.