3 Easy Ways Salesloft Streamlines Your Sales Process


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Hey, Aaron Nichol here. Today I’m going to talk to you about how I stay on track as an Account Executive. While it sounds simple, having full cycle sales reps stick to a process from beginning to close is of major concern for today’s modern VPs. So if you think about it, most of today’s technology focuses on small segments of the sale. From beginning to logging tasks, having disjointed technology can actually make it difficult to manage an entire deal. Success comes down to establishing and following a specific process. Let’s look at three tips on how to streamline your daily sales process.

The first tip is templatizing follow-up messages. So using cadences for common tasks makes it easy to schedule phone calls and emails on time. These cadences allow me to automate the heavy lifting so I’m able to put more effort into the deal without thinking about scheduling issues. Having those activities logged allows me to see recent history on those accounts. When you scale this up to hundreds of conversations over a week, it makes a huge difference.

Modern sales organizations thrive on data. Which is why my second tip is to use tools that reliably sync your important data. Syncing avoids duplicate data input. Even more importantly, it can save you from syncing issues that may result in incomplete records. Salesloft was designed to sync seamlessly with tools that you’re already using. So whether I’m using Salesloft or Salesforce, bi-directional sync gives me the confidence that all my data is up to date.

My third tip is working within tools you’re already comfortable with. For our team, one of those tools is Gmail. With Salesloft connect for Gmail, I can run cadences within my email client. We use Gmail, connect also works for Outlook and Salesforce. With each of these simple tips, I’m able to pursue my sales cycle diligently.

Thanks for watching. I hope these three tips have made your full cycle sales life that much easier.

Most of the sales leaders we speak with tell us that optimizing and streamlining the sales process is one of their biggest struggles. With the number of tools, touchpoints, and technology increasing daily, it’s hard to prevent your sales process from growing more complex right along with them.

But the right sales platform and strategy can help you keep the sales process tight and refined from first touch to close. Sales Engagement Platforms like Salesloft allow you to templatize your follow-up messages in predefined sales cadences, giving you data-optimized messages and engagement architecture that saves time and maximizes engagement effectiveness. Comprehensive data-syncing also ensures that you’re able to work when and where you want with the most up-to-date information.

To provide even more insight, we invited Salesloft AE Aaron Nichol to share a few of his favorite tips for streamlining the sales process.