Qualified Leads with Samantha McKenna


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How do we know if a lead is qualified? 

Samantha McKenna, founder of #samsales Consulting, believes the answer can be discovered quicker than you might think. 

She has a tried and tested technique for spotting red flags during the sales process. 🚩🚩🚩

In this week’s episode of No Nonsense Sales, she explains why sellers should take off the "happy ears" and ask the tough questions to quickly qualify (or disqualify) a lead.

Listen above to the entire podcast episode or on Apple Podcasts here.

In this episode, get Sam's take on:

  1. What makes a lead a perfectly qualified lead
  2. The 'red flags' to look out for during the discovery process
  3. How to build relationships, play the long game, and be the solution of choice when the buyer is ready