Fact or fiction? Sales is a numbers game with James McLeod


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James McLeod, Director of Sales for EMEA & LATAM at Mixpanel is this week’s guest on No Nonsense Sales.

He’s been in sales for over a decade and he’s been in data for nearly 15 years.

But what does data have to do with sales?

And how can sellers make the most of data to sell better?

James is on the show to give his views on how to properly leverage the data of buyers and give his insights on how to avoid the ‘numbers game’ approach to selling.

Listen above to the entire podcast episode or on Apple Podcasts here.

In this episode, get James's take on:

  1. Leveraging the data of buyers to influence high quality output
  2. Why a love of problem solving will set you up for success in sales
  3. How selling inn an economic downturn can help you adapt and grow