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Fact or fiction? SDRs work harder than AEs

August 9, 2023

Who’s got the toughest job in sales, SDRs or AEs?

In this week’s episode, Tom Boston chats with Holly Allen, from Deel.

They’ll be trying to figure out if SDRs work harder than AEs. Holly has been both an SDR and an AE and gives her tips and insights on how to find the right role in sales.

Life’s too short to do a job that you don’t enjoy.” – Holly Allen

Listen below to the entire podcast episode or on Apple Podcasts here.

In this episode, get Holly’’s take on:

  1. The key differences between the SDR and AE role
  2. Why the route from SDR to AE isn’t always the simplest
  3. Why pushing yourself out of your comfort zone on LinkedIn will help you sell better
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