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Fact or Fiction? AI is the future of sales with Frank Dale

June 21, 2023

No Nonsense Sales is back for a second season! 🎉

Tom Boston is kicking off the new season by speaking to AI thought leader Frank Dale.

He’s the Senior Vice President Of Product Management at Salesloft and part of the team that created Salesloft’s new AI-powered workflow technology, Salesloft Rhythm.

Tom & Frank discuss the future of AI in sales and how Salesloft Rhythm is transforming the way that salespeople sell.

“A sale happens when a seller connects with a buyer to help them solve a problem” – Frank Dale

Listen below to the entire podcast episode or on Apple Podcasts here.

In this episode, get Frank’s take on:

  1. Why AI will never replace the human connection in sales
  2. The importance of learning sales skills and how to use them throughout your career
  3. Salesloft Rhythm and why it’s so important
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