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“EOQ” with Chris Hatfield

December 7, 2022

On this episode of No Nonsense Sales, host Tom Boston discusses mental wellbeing and end-of-quarter chaos with Chris Hatfield, the founder of Sales Psyche. Chris shares important tips for maintaining a positive mental health environment on a sales team.

Learn more about sales and mental wellness in the latest episode of NNS, available now on all of your favorite podcast platforms. 

“🧠 The biggest tool that we have is our mind.”  – Chris Hatfield

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In this episode, get Chris’s take on:

  1. What sellers can do to take care of themselves mentally
  2. How to manage mental wellness in the midst of a busy sales environment
  3. Tips to navigate the “what-ifs” during the end of quarter
  4. How to anticipate burnout and avoid it
  5. How to handle confirmation bias in a workplace setting
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