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“BANT” with Andy Whyte

November 16, 2022

We all know that BANT is dead, but what is the alternative?

Andy Whyte, CEO and founder of MEDDICC™, sits down with Tom Boston to chat about  the many reasons why “BANT” simply doesn’t work. 

Check out Andy’s top tips for driving urgency and educating buyers – without using the dreaded BANT methodology – in this latest episode.

“Efficiency is all about planning.” – Andy Whyte

Listen below to the entire podcast episode or on Apple Podcasts here.

In this episode, get Andy’s take on:

  1. The importance of improving efficiency
  2. How planning impacts the sales process
  3. Understanding the needs and wants of buyers
  4. Driving urgency by identifying pain points
  5. Why educating buyers early in the process adds value
And check out the No Nonsense Sales Spotify playlist: