Top 4 insights
from the Revenue Team Benchmark Report 2023


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Many sellers, coaches, and revenue org leaders have had to hit the refresh button on their benchmarks and goals. That’s understandable. And if many of the current news headlines are any indication, macroeconomic factors in our current climate and trends of increasing competition, higher buyer expectations, and a more complex buying process are regular, although challenging, parts of the sales process.

Needless to say, now’s the time to figure things out with your team.  

Let this guide be your starting point. Our data analysts reviewed millions of customer activities and discovered the most intriguing stats from our benchmark report, along with a few strategies for improving in those areas, so you can set out on the path to success.

Read Top 4 insights
 from the Revenue Team Benchmark Report 2023 and discover why:

  • There’s more opportunity to personalize emails
  • Your ICP might be bigger than you think
  • Silence is golden, and that sellers should manage their talk time
  • These days, the deal is in the details

Download the guide now, and start putting these benchmarks to work for your revenue team.