Strategy mindshare: 72 powerful prompts for GTM Ops


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If you want to be a successful go-to-market leader, you need these 72 powerful prompts to get your RevOps, enablement, and sales teams aligned on revenue-driving activities.

Download the workshop template. 

Gather the crew. 

And start asking the hard questions. 

By following this template, you’ll come away with greater clarity on tech stack optimization, AI, pipeline creation, cross-functional alignment, change management, and more.

Get ready to:

  • Host a perfect mindshare with your team
  • Tackle intricate business problems 
  • Encourage open dialogue and idea sharing

How it works

  1. One person on your team chooses a category and a prompt
  2. The group takes turns answering or discussing the prompt
  3. Share your best learnings at the end