State of AI in Sales Report


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The 2023 State of AI in Sales Survey polled more than 500 U.S.-based sales executives to understand roadblocks to success and how AI can solve common business challenges and improve the sales process and revenue outcomes.

  • 95% of executives polled report their organization is currently using AI in sales in some capacity.
  • 84% say their company has used generative AI in sales in the past year.
  • 97% say it is important to work with tech vendors that have an AI strategy.

The survey also found two-thirds of executives are not very confident in their organization's ability to reach its sales goals and sales team burnout is rampant. 86% of executives say they’ve noticed an increase in sales team burnout or turnover in the past year.

Likely contributors to burnout are the vast amount of non-selling activities that take up a seller’s time and the multitude of tools a seller must use to perform their job – all of which prevent sellers from maximizing their time to advance and close deals.

Amid this burnout, sales executives cite the ability to prioritize activities (52%) and increased efficiency and productivity for sales teams (49%) as the top two benefits for using AI in sales.

This report delves deeper into the role of AI in sales and identifies 5 key takeaways from the survey, exploring the perceptions and advantages it can offer sales teams.