Selling to Power: Influencing decision makers to seal the deal


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Buying committees can act like a wall that stands between you and winnable deals. And they’re bigger and more complex than ever before. As a seller, it’s table stakes to have a plan for engaging decision-makers all the way up to the C-suite. 

But the CFO’s interests aren’t always the same as your champion’s interests. So how do you sell to power?

Nick Cegelski and Armand Farrokh, of 30 Minutes to President’s Club fame, have the answer. In this guide, they’ll teach you the secrets to capturing and holding the C-suite’s attention, so you can get them to “yes” faster. You’ll discover:

  • A foolproof framework for identifying and solving executive pain
  • Templates to craft perfect executive communications
  • And negotiation tips to make the final deal stages go faster

Download this guide today to make sure engaging executive decision-makers is both easy and effective.

Armand Farrokh and Nick Cegelski Founders of 30 Minutes to President’s Club Armand is known for going on rants about bad telemarketers. Nick is known for motivating anyone, even a marketer, to cold call.