How to Build a Better Seller


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The Right Metrics for Coaching Sales Teams to Success in 2023

In the shifting economy of 2023, it can feel like all the metrics that were supposed to give you an inkling of the future are, in fact, giving you a snapshot of a market that had already slipped away.

Revenue orgs need to find the right balance between looking at the lagging indicators that tell you how you’ve been doing so far and the leading indicators that provide a clearer picture of the challenges — and opportunities — yet to come.

In this guide, we’ll look beyond conventional KPIs to find the metrics that can give you a real view into seller performance. You'll learn how to use hard data to better manage your team in 2023 and beyond.

Inside This Guide

  • The four types of rep, from developing to developed
  • Tailored coaching styles for each rep profile
  • Tangible examples of the new key metrics that give you better insight into rep behavior