Forge the Front Line


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Turn Reps into Leaders, and Leaders into Lifers

A strong front line leader elevates B players to A players, and gives A players a reason to stick around. But hiring a weak front line leader can be a catastrophic decision that puts your entire revenue team at risk.

The #1 challenge facing your revenue team isn’t meeting quota — it’s finding the right front line sales leaders. Too often, CROs and VPs just assume that a top-performing rep can instantly replicate that success across the team. But the skills it takes to close deals don’t always directly translate to leading a team.

In this guide, you’ll learn to avoid the most common mistakes senior sales leadership makes in picking front line leaders and pick up tips to cultivate great talent so your front line can be successful for years to come.

Inside This Guide

  • The 3 traits of sellers with leadership potential
  • Tips for cultivating effective front line leaders
  • Strategies for keeping teams effective and engaged