Best Practices & Benchmarks for Sales Cadences


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There’s a big difference between having the right tools and leveraging them effectively.

A sales engagement platform that codifies workflow for faster ramp is more crucial than ever. This functionality can massively improve the daily performance of a sales team, but only if it is set up and used effectively. This is increasingly important, as recent research from The Bridge Group shows that the average SDR’s experience level is 1.4 years, down 45% since 2010.

We often get asked about best practices and examples for email cadences. This document was designed to answer those questions and provide a flexible framework to help you apply sales cadences more effectively. Those questions include:

  • How many touches should my cadence have?
  • What touch patterns should my cadence have?
  • What are typical performance benchmarks?
  • What’s the average number of reps achieving yearly quota?
  • What’s an example of an effective cadence?

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