8 Tips for Creating Epic Videos With Your Mobile Phone


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What does creating videos with your mobile phone have to do with selling? A lot, actually.

For starters, video content has a significant positive impact on both open and reply rates in prospecting emails, according to an analysis of Salesloft data. When video is used, senders experience a 16% bump pin open rates and a 26% increase in replies! Maybe it is time to add a video to your next cadence.

Savvy reps, like Tom Boston, are also using video as part of an impactful social selling strategy. The foundation of social selling is sharing content that adds value for your target audience. One of Tom's six social selling secrets is to start thinking of yourself as a content creator. Your content should build your credibility in the industry, but it also needs to be good enough to stop people from scrolling.

Tom relies on video to stop people who are scrolling on LinkedIn. Videos have generated thousands of interactions on Tom's posts and helped him hit sales targets. The majority of his videos are created on his mobile phone. It's now easier than ever to start creating professional video content. You just need a few helpful hints!