Winter '22 Product Update

Save Your Sales in a Down Economy

With revenue teams clawing for every meeting, opportunity, and renewal to hit Q4 targets, it’s more important than ever to get more out of your time, your team, and your tech stack.

To help you save your sales, we’re introducing another major influx of enterprise-grade features that’ll help you boost productivity, generate more pipeline, and win more deals.

One Integrated Team Selling Platform

Introducing account-based team selling to help your revenue team coordinate a seamless buying experience. With revenue hard to come by, it’s more important than ever for revenue teams to work together and focus on the activities that will drive the greatest results for the business. Now, you can assign multiple Account owners and implement one single view of shared record ownership across the team.

And to take it to the next level, team selling is supported in Salesloft automation rules. Automatically assign roles at any stage of the customer lifecycle so that reps can easily follow rules of engagement without losing time to admin tasks and workarounds.

Keep Your Data Governed and Secure

Experience enterprise-grade data management across the Salesloft platform with access controls for Deals, Conversations, and Cadence. Easily manage your Salesloft instance for compliance and keep pipeline and customer data secure across the entire revenue org, even if you have multiple product lines or divisions.

We’ve embedded enterprise-scale data governance into the platform so that all companies – from hyper-growth startups to publicly-traded corporations – can protect sensitive revenue and customer data.

With access based on the principle of least privilege, you can limit user access to only the data they need to do their job. Give your sales managers access to all the data for their direct reports while AEs are limited to the data they own.

Engage with Prospects Anytime, Anywhere

With prospects tightening their purse strings, it’s imperative to take action at the right time to better fill your pipeline, save more at-risk deals, and drive incremental revenue. Now, you can execute sales activities on the go and send high-quality, personalized emails from your phone.

With the ability to run Cadence steps on mobile, you can strike when the iron’s hot – even in the field. Whether you’re at the airport, in a cab, or just walking your dog, knock out your tasks for the day without missing a beat – or a time-sensitive opportunity.

Email enhancements are available now; look out for an update with Cadence steps in early 2023!

Engage Prospects and Customers in Your Workflow

We’ve re-architected the Salesloft Connect Chrome extension from the ground up to provide an even more robust and reliable experience that is consistent with your workflow.

Seamlessly integrated into Google Chrome, the new extension will give you access to the full Salesloft platform through one, consistent sidebar across Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and Gmail. Plus, the Dialer will open in a separate window so that you can easily multitask without covering up valuable information.

Get ready to install the new version in Q1 2023!

Coming Soon!

But That’s Not All…

Click the tabs on the left to see what we’ve updated across the platform!

  • Email footers – create dynamic email footers based on the sender or recipient’s location (admin configuration required).
  • Automatic data enrichment – automatically update contact data with titles and phone numbers from your prospects and customers’ email signatures to help save time and book more meetings (admin configuration required).
  • Global OOO detection – now supports Spanish, French, and German as well as non-U.S. date formats.
  • Use Tasks instead of Reminders – users will not be able to create new reminders; instead create Tasks and set Task reminders.
  • Slack notifications for one-off Tasks – get Task reminders in Slack when it’s time to complete an action.
  • Enhanced Email Sentiment – improving the AI-driven Email Sentiment feature to optimize your sales engagement activities.
  • Submit a forecast for future periods – including next month and next quarter to predict pipeline coverage needed to hit your number.
  • Scenario planning – plan for different scenarios by configuring multiple forecasts in Salesloft, like your best case and your commit. Choose which deals to include or exclude in those forecasts. And save time by automatically including closed-won deals.
  • Weighted pipeline – triangulate a confident call number using the probability of closing for all deals in your pipeline.
  • Hide users in Forecast hierarchy – customize your team view to include only your quota-carrying users (admin configuration required).
  • Auto-add stakeholders – streamline stakeholder management by automatically assigning suggested stakeholders during opportunity creation.
  • Weekly Summary email – now includes key Deals metrics.
  • Improved Deal Engagement Score – model update to further enhance Deal Engagement Score reliability.
  • X-ray terms – get a complete picture of the most frequently used x-rays keywords to discover trends and uplevel performance.
New Integrations
  • HubSpot Data Sync (update) – supports syncing of ownership data in addition to Persons and Accounts.
  • – certify phone numbers and email addresses in Salesloft against Gryphon’s compliance engine.
  • EveryoneSocial – allows users to view the EveryoneSocial application within the Salesloft platform.
  • Salesfinitiy – this dialer software helps Salesloft users efficiently call prospects and get into live conversations 3-5x faster.
  • Vidyard (update) – receive a notification in the Live Feed when a Person in Salesloft views your Vidyard video.
  • StoryDoc – build presentations and share with prospects via Salesloft Cadences.


Check out the Knowledge Base articles linked above or contact support for more information – we’re here to help!

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