Summer 2023 product update

The way you sell will never be the same.

We’ve built the first revenue workflow platform for the full customer lifecycle. From building pipeline to closing deals, Rhythm uses powerful AI to prioritize every rep’s workflow so they can focus on what matters most and hit their number every time.

Introducing the first revenue workflow platform
Rhythm transforms buyer behavior into seller action
Conductor AI prioritizes every seller’s workflow
Plays scale best practices across one-off actions
Focus zones let you manage your workflow, your way
Generative AI for conversations
Revolutionizing the entire platform

Scale your prospecting with winning sales plays that connect with buyers across every channel.

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NEW! Salesloft Mobile for Android

Salesloft Mobile will be available for Android users on the Google Play Store this summer! Now, execute sales activities on the go – such as sending high quality personalized emails – without having to learn a new platform.

But wait, there’s more.

  • CRM Sync: Custom Picklist Enhancement — New custom picklist values in your CRM will auto-populate in Salesloft. Plus, stay in-the-know with notifications whenever a new value is automatically created.
  • CRM Sync: Import From Any Report — Ran a campaign and have a campaign report? Staying on top of renewals from an opportunity report? Easily import any report type from Salesforce to Salesloft to take immediate action.
  • UserGems — Detects when a buyer’s job changes to avoid churn and continue generating pipeline.
  • Salesken — Uplevel your sales calls with real-time assistance via cues/prompts.
  • Outflo — AI empowers sales teams to create customizable workflows by picking up tasks in your CRM, targeting key accounts, and providing tools to start more conversations with prospects.
  • Signals — Leveraging the power of AI, Signals helps you qualify site visitors by their fit, behavior and intent in order to drive the right customers.
  • Vessels — Provides a unified API for sales engagement integrations.
  • Parmonic — With just a few clicks, turn webinars and long video recordings into easy-to-digest moments.
  • Consensus – On-demand and interactive video demos are easily shareable to uncover stakeholders and accelerate buying decisions.
  • Trove AI — Email assistant uses AI to automatically generate highly-personalized sales emails based on real-time Internet data.
  • Amy — Enterprise sales performance platform offers features such as goal setting, performance tracking, data visualization, and real-time coaching.
  • Rafiki — Tag key moments from your demo videos to engage prospects during follow-ups and accelerate the deal from demo to closing.
  • RollWorks — Surfaces key accounts and provides additional sales intelligence so you can target the right prospects.
  • Momentum Labs — Add and remove people from Cadences using Momentum workflows.

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