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Case Study

HiMama Improves Connect Rates by 47% with a Unified Sales Platform

It’s no coincidence that within two years of partnering with Salesloft, HiMama grew by 2x. 

Backed by rich data, detailed insights, and valuable learning opportunities, Salesloft gave HiMama a platform to grow from and grow with

By tackling previous challenges and implementing new, data-driven solutions together, HiMama’s growth became boundless. 

Who is HiMama? 

HiMama is an all-in-one childcare management platform designed to help owners and directors simplify their operations, improve parent communication, and elevate the learning experience for children and educators.

HiMama connects educators and parents by making it easier to document what children are learning and doing each day. In the fast-paced world of childcare, it’s easy to miss those precious moments. HiMama makes sure those moments are recorded, saved, and shared.


Bouncing between multiple platforms, HiMama lost valuable time engaging with customers and lacked visibility and insight into their processes, which became even more challenging as the company grew in scale.


Partnering with Salesloft offered HiMama the data, visibility, and workflows only possible with a comprehensive sales engagement platform. Knowing Salesloft could grow with them sealed the deal.


Platform capabilities like LocalDial and analytics helped HiMama improve their engagement efforts to build sustainable relationships with prospects and make a name for themselves in the education industry.

Challenge: HiMama at Scale 

Theresa Halili, Sales Operations Manager at HiMama, started her journey with HiMama when the company was a team of ten.

Using a separate dialer and emailing tool, and using them manually, worked at first for her small but mighty team. 

However, growing their staff by 16x in five years left HiMama needing a better solution. 

“As we quickly grew in scale, we needed something that’s more cohesive, that gives us more insights, that tells us what’s working and what’s not.” – Theresa Halili, Sales Operations Manager at HiMama. 

For sales leaders, managing multiple teams on multiple platforms created confusion and disorganization. For sellers, jumping from tool to tool left them with little time to actually engage with customers. 

To make matters worse, navigating so many different platforms gave HiMama little-to-no visibility into what was actually working. The lack of insights made it difficult to evaluate current processes and improve them for the future. 

They needed the full picture. 

Solution: The Power of a Platform 

HiMama set a goal to transition to a platform that gave them a holistic view of their processes and scalable growth. They chose Salelsoft. 

Serving as a singular solution that met all of their needs, HiMama’s teams could start and end their day in Salesloft. This allowed them to redirect more of their time toward selling, which meant more time to engage with customers. 

“Customer engagement is central to everything we do, so we wanted to make sure that choosing a sales engagement platform was something we did right.” – Theresa Halili, Sales Operations Manager at HiMama. 

As part of their customer engagement, LocalDial became key for HiMama. Dialing a prospect with an area code that is local to them increased their ability to actually connect to prospects, which prevented deals from slipping through the cracks. 

HiMama also leveraged Salesloft Analytics to evaluate – and improve – those interactions. 

“Something that’s really important for us as an organization is making decisions rooted in data.” – Theresa Halili, Sales Operations Manager at HiMama. 

Starting with onboarding, HiMama used data to increase adoption and gain buy-in of the Salesloft platform from their leaders. They emphasized the value of implementation by going into the system, identifying certain behaviors, and then pointing out real-time results. It showed how easy and intuitive accessing data could be. 

“It’s a lot easier to integrate something new, and adopt something new, when you understand the value and are actually able to showcase the value.” – Theresa Halili, Sales Operations Manager at HiMama. 

Increased visibility around data and analytics also drove award-winning behaviors across all of HiMama’s teams. 

From customer success, to AEs, to marketing, Deal Gaps and Deals Flow Chart gave teams a more comprehensive understanding of pipeline health and opportunities. Leaders could finally answer questions like: 

  • Are we creating a healthy pipeline? 
  • Do we have enough pipeline to work day-to-day? 
  • Are we able to support our sellers? 

Leaders used data to understand how their sellers were managing time, if there were gaps in deals, and whether or not customer conversations were proactive rather than reactive. 

With data at their fingertips, sales leaders were able to discuss results and bring in relevant coaching capabilities as needed – all within their Salesloft platform. 

Result: 47% Increase in Connect Rate

Pre-Salesloft, HiMama’s top reps were only seeing about a 17% connect rate. However, shortly after implementing Salesloft LocalDial, their connect rate increased to 25%: an overall 47% increase!

The fast-paced, hands-on classroom environment makes it difficult for directors and educators to have access to their phones in the classroom. That’s why time that is spent on the phone is that much more valuable. 

Knowing this, the increased connection rate became even more significant for HiMama. Being able to connect with prospects on the first try gave them the opportunity to talk to more prospects. It also ensured maximized the time they could spend with them. 

The sheer volume increase was also a result of Salesloft Cadence supporting the team. With data into their sales interactions, HiMama had a better understanding of what next steps could look like. They optimized sales cadences to improve outcomes while reducing the time and number of steps it takes to get there.