Customer Story Increases Revenue by 15%


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Share Email Logo needed an integrated workflow and more visibility into how its reps were working. When the company implemented Salesloft, the disparity between what its teams were previously able to see and what they were missing became crystal clear.  For the first time, saw what tracking its reps, auditing calls, and following up on the right leads can do — resulting in a 15% revenue gain from warm leads quarter over quarter.

Who Is

With eight offices across the globe, is a social media marketing platform built on social analytics, community engagement and governance for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It provides a unified SaaS platform for social media listening, advertising, engaging, publishing and analytics, enabling clients to explore the full potential of digital marketing by managing multiple customer touch points from one platform.

Challenge: Create a Scalable Sales Process With Visibility Into Rep Activity had a team of 30 Sales Development Reps (SDRs), supported by a handful of Marketing Development Reps (MDRs) who were responsible for generating inbound leads and demo requests. 

Jan Meijer, Director of Commercial Operations, explained that SDRs and MDRs were using everything from Google Sheets to Post-it® notes to track their work. Without an automated system in place, reps spent precious time figuring out when to follow up with leads, creating their own processes and campaigns, and executing inefficient strategies with little insight into what was working and what wasn’t.

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To increase efficiency, needed a solution that provided an integrated workflow and offered transparency into rep activity. The company wanted to help SDRs work smarter and consolidate all their sales activity into a single platform. 

Specifically, needed an all-encompassing sales solution, not just an email tool, with strong Salesforce integration. This would help the sales organisation both streamline its workflows and prevent reps from becoming overwhelmed by using several systems. 

Finally, in the absence of a tracking or listening system,’s sales team had no way to create best practices or to learn from each other — two key organisation goals. Instead of SDRs reinventing the wheel with each call and close,  wanted to provide reps the standardised guidance they needed to succeed in their roles. 

Solution: Activity Tracking, Cadences, and Live Call Studio Improve Performance

With a large SDR team, it was often difficult for management to see what actions were impacting which results. But when Salesloft launched, gained insight into how teams could move leads along faster, save deals that were slipping away, and perfect their call conversations. 

Especially in regions where GDPR restrictions prohibit call recording, Salesloft’s live listening feature, Live Call Studio, allowed managers to stay involved, keep a pulse on team activity, and provide feedback to reps. 

Additionally, templatised cadences helped sellers improve their messaging, which yielded better results. Cadences also helped new hires onboard quickly. 

“The real difference was with new people coming in. We were able to onboard them quickly and efficiently  so they didn't have to figure out their own workflow,” said Jan. “They have everything at their fingertips right away.” 

Especially during COVID, Salesloft also provided helpful data points on connect rates, open rates, and talk time. With these insights, managers could offer reps better guidance earlier in the buying process. For instance, if certain regions experienced lower connect rates with phone prospecting, teams could experiment with email prospecting, yielding better results.

Results: 15% Increase in Warm Lead Revenue Growth Quarter Over Quarter

With templates and snippets that allow for tailored messaging, Salesloft cadences help reps easily execute campaigns, alleviating the coaching burden on sales managers. used these streamlined cadences for a variety of program follow-ups, such as webinars and events. Instead of traditional emails simply thanking attendees, reps nurtured leads with open-ended questions like, “How did you like this session?” or “Is there anything more we can tell you about this topic?” Taking a more consultative approach increased prospect engagement. 

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"When you work with marketing campaigns and follow ups, you often distribute leads and leave it up to the rep to create their own follow-up," said Evelina Petrova, Manager of Commercial Operations. "We didn’t have a streamlined process when it came to testing what converts better. Now, we have a very good way to transfer knowledge from our US market to our EMEA MDRs, or replicate positive outcomes from one event or webinar to another."

The biggest post-implementation change was a growth in revenue from warm leads. In the span of a year, saw an increase of  15% revenue growth quarter over quarter since following up on leads that otherwise may have fallen through the cracks. 

New hires are now learning much quicker than their predecessors and are able to hit the ground running with ready-built workflows and cadences. Since implementing Salesloft,’s SDR team has grown from 40 to 80 reps.

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