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Work Hard AND Smart: Gary Vaynerchuk at Rainmaker

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021
Published Feb. 22, 2016

With over 400+ modern revenue and tech leaders — not to mention, Gary Vaynerchuk on keynote — Rainmaker 2016 is the one and only conference for your team to learn more about all things sales development. From phone/email/social best practices, to account based sales development, SDR career matrices and so much more, your team will walk away with a newfound knowledge base around the rising Sales Development Cloud.

But why should you care about Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary Vaynerchuk (or, better known as, GaryVee) is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, investor, public speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Along with his brother AJ, GaryVee founded VaynerMedia, a social media-focused digital agency that focuses on social media strategy services to Fortune 500 companies.

His books teach burgeoning business people and wannabe-entrepreneurs to:

  • Pursue what truly makes them happy. Because of social and technological trends, the cost of producing content has been driven low enough that knowledge, passion and work ethic (a.k.a. “sweat equity”) are now all you need to build a brand and a business.
  • Adapt to the Internet era, where the empowerment of the common buyer has created a fundamental shift in how businesses are expected to behave.
  • Focus on context and quality with social media marketing strategy and content that fits the perspective of your platform and audience.

GaryVee is best known for his crazy-inspiring internet personality, and we’re beyond ready to hear what he’s got in store for us in the coming weeks. Want to get pumped to see his keynote at Rainmaker 2016? Watch a few of powerful messages below that share his insights behind the drive, grit and passion it takes to make an impact with everything you do:

Power Moment: “It’s about having humility. It’s about not saying no (even when you’ve made it).” (2:32)

Power Moment: “You need to find your cadence… then hustle your face off 15 hours a day to get people to care.” (2:18)

Power Moment: “Your biggest advantage is that you’re hungrier than your competitor.” (0:44)

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