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What’s Your Sales Personality?

By: Salesloft Editorial


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Hunters, farmers, hybrids… not all sales reps are the same. What makes a sales professional thrive in one environment over another? We’ve created this 10 question quiz to help you determine which sales personality traits describe you. You will also identify some of your strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint the sales environment you thrive in.

With this insight to your sales personality, you can decide which role is best for you. Use this to also make sure you have the skills and technology to succeed.See how Salesloft can help every seller.

No right or wrong answers. You do you!

Can you handle rejection?


A: It doesn’t phase me. No, not even a little.

B: It depends… maybe if I’m in the right mood and the reward is appealing enough.

C: I’d rather eat cold french fries.

How do you feel about cold calling?

Cold Call 80

A: I love it! You never know what can happen.

B: Eh. I can deal with it some of the time.

C: The thought of it has me curled in the fetal position.

Do you enjoy persuading people to do things?

Persuading 80

A: Obviously. Overcoming objections is part of the fun.

B: If I really believe in the thing, I don’t mind.

C: Not my style. I prefer to educate rather than persuade.

How do you feel about complex products or services?

Complexity 80

A: Hard no. I’m more of a out-of-the-box person.

B: Meh. If the instructions are really good, I’ll give it a go.

C: Great! I excel at assembling IKEA furniture.

Would you consider yourself competitive?

Competititve 80

A: Yes. What do I win?

B: I guess. I’ve had some rousing games of Monopoly!

C: I like seeing everyone win. Does that count?

Do you like being a team player or are you more of a soloist?

Solo 80

A: Someone has to take home the trophy!

B: I enjoy both. Sometimes it’s nice to have a group behind you.

C: Rah Rah! There’s no “I” in TEAM!

How do you respond when you hear the word “no”?

No 80

A: *Shrug* I just ask again in a different way.

B: If I believe I really do have the right solution for them, I try again.

C: It’s the worst. I apologize for bothering them and walk away.

How do you determine a sales prospect’s business needs?

Research 80

A: I’m pretty intuitive. I can hone in on a pain point early and suggest a solution quickly.

B: I prefer to do some research ahead of time, but I’m pretty good at asking the right questions over.

C: Research is important to me. I also have a set list of questions I use in my discovery process.

Are you a risk-taker?

Risk Taker 80


B: It depends… I don’t mind a calculated risk.

C: Lawd no. I don’t even play the stock market.

Are you a rule follower?

Rule Follwoer 80

A: I follow the rules… when they work in my favor.

B: Mostly. I don’t want to get called out.

C: Of course! (I was a hall monitor.)

Scoring and Types of Sales Personalities:

Mostly A’s: Hunter

You’re fearless, competitive, and love taking risks. You thrive on the thrill of the chase and are always looking to close deals.

Mostly B’s: Hybrid

You balance between taking risks and playing it safe. You’re goal-oriented, adaptable, and can handle a variety of sales situations effectively.

Mostly C’s: Farmer

You prefer a steady, methodical approach to sales. Building relationships and ensuring client satisfaction is your forte.

Hungry for more? This infographic serves as a great resource for understanding each sales personality!