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QUIZ: What’s Your Meeting Personality?

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Sep. 13, 2018

We all have our unique styles, our strengths and weaknesses we bring to the table. You may think you know how people perceive you in meetings, but can you be sure? Unless you’re watching from the outside, you might not be fully aware of your meeting “personality.”

We created this short quiz – What Meeting Personality Are You? – to help you become more self-aware (and to entertain you a bit). The results are generalizations about four personalities that every meeting tends to include. It’s our hope that it makes you laugh a little, and that the results help you understand how you impact meeting dynamics.

What do you bring with you to a meeting?

When asked a tough question, how do you respond?

It’s your turn to order lunch for the meeting. What do you choose?

Someone makes a statement that is clearly wrong. How do you handle it?

What is your most-used buzzword or phrase?

The dry erase marker is passed to you. What do you do with it?

You’re on a committee to plan the team outing. What do you suggest?

Which of these most accurately describes your “meeting face”?

The meeting is almost over… but someone keeps asking questions. What do you do?

The meeting is over. How do you leave the room?

What's Your Meeting Personality?
The Maestro

You’re the “adult” in the room. You stay focused on the agenda and take care to leave the clearly-defined next steps. People may snicker, but they really do appreciate your organizational skills... and the fact that you send the action items to the boss. Just be careful that you aren’t so caught up on the logistics that you quell innovation.
The Harmonizer

You genuinely believe that the best ideas come when everyone works together. You excel at building consensus and smoothing over disagreements that may hinder team progress (*cough* The Antagonist *cough*). Maybe everyone isn’t ready to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but they’re glad you’re in the room when the debate comes to a standstill. A word of caution: don’t seek harmony at the expense of a great idea.
The Ferris Bueller

You often wonder why a meeting is even being held. Is it really necessary when no one wants to be there? Yes, a culture of meetings is a thing, but you don’t have to check out totally. Take a note from The Antagonist and develop your own opinion. It’ll keep you engaged (and awake). Just don’t present it *quite* as forcefully. Bueller… Bueller...are you still reading?
The Antagonist

You don’t mince words, and you aren’t afraid to argue for what you think is right. You are the one the boss calls when he or she needs to get everyone onboard. Sparring energizes you… isn’t everyone enjoying it? Sometime people can’t hear your message due to the delivery. In your next debate, take a step back and try to explain the answer a little more like Switzerland.

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