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Two Powerful Platforms Now Play Together for B2C Producers in Financial Services

By: Salesloft Editorial



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We get it. 

Maintaining client relationships without the help of automation is hard. Trying to visualize pipeline without the right tools is even harder. To date, it hasn’t been efficient to use a sales engagement solution when you’re already working in Salesforce. 

That all changes today.

Now you can use Salesloft right within Salesforce.

The Salesloft platform supports Salesforce Person Accounts by merging the Person and Account fields, allowing a seamless flow of information between the platforms. 

Now, financial services organizations who are serving the B2C space and using the Person Account record within Salesforce are supported through the Salesloft Connect extension, effectively putting Salesloft directly within Salesforce. 

Operating within a singular interface, you don’t need to bounce between different technologies anymore. Platform integration at your fingertips helps save time, manage productivity, and optimize performance. 

This integration is the direct result of our customers’ voices, and is highlighted by the value it delivers. Continue reading to explore more. 

Two Platforms, One Workflow

We’ve all seen some version of this. Technology is supposed to make things simpler, but it often creates a bigger mess than it set out to solve. The Salesloft/Salesforce integration optimizes the technology B2C organizations use, combining two powerful platforms – one, sales engagement, the other, sales enablement –  into one seamless workflow. 

Bridging the gap between Person Accounts in Salesforce and Salesloft capabilities, B2C companies can now take advantage of the sales engagement technology B2B companies have long relied on. You’re now working out of one interface with access to consolidated information that can aid all of your client interactions. 

This builds consistency, transparency, and efficiency across the entire organization, creating harmony among different departments and syncing various teams. 

Work Where It Matters Most

Every moment you spend on a minuscule task is time lost creating more revenue. 

With activities logged into the Person Account record automatically, your time is redirected from inputting information to managing information. 

This means more time to learn about your customers, relationship build through personalized messages, and form an overall plan to sell to each account. Armed with the right tools and techniques to strategically tackle every stage of the selling journey, you become better positioned to put your best foot forward. 

Nurture Relationships Over Time 

It’s undeniable: selling has changed. 

Clients are now savvier than ever, with high expectations and even bigger goals. While they expect speedy delivery and consistent follow-up, they also crave a personalized experience that’s tailored to their needs. 

Enter sales engagement. 

Our Salesloft Connect extension supports the Person Details panel when viewing a Salesforce Person Account record, giving producers, loan officers, advisors, and anyone in between a detailed framework of their prospects. You can effectively automate B2C interactions with the flexibility to uniquely customize messages and stay within Salesforce. This structures the buying process and saves time, allowing you to target buyer needs while still prioritizing the relationship-building component that is so important today. 

Nurturing both prospect and buyer relationships, this integration positions you as a trusted advisor and reliable business partner. 

Provide Value to Sales Teams Across Your Organization

Different teams have different needs, but luckily you can target all of them when you’re using Salesloft. 

  • Producers: Spend less time updating your CRM and more time on your #1 priority: selling. Incorporate deal and engagement notifications to lead interactions and scoring, and gap analysis to follow-up to truly maximize your performance.
  • Sales Leaders: Improve coaching and revenue with greater visibility to producer-to-buyer relationships. Leverage the calls and meetings that are recorded, transcribed, and annotated through Salesloft to gather data-driven insights that you can incorporate in coaching conversations.
  • Customer Success: Gain valuable information surrounding customer needs to increase retention and keep buyers happy. Scan the entire lifecycle of a buyer, specifically around their interactions, to ensure appropriate methods are applied at every stage of the buying journey.

Continue exploring all of the potential Salesloft has to offer for your financial services organization.