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3 SalesLoft Integrations You Should be Using [Video]

4 min read
Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Apr. 19, 2017

The real mark of a successful sales platform is not how much it changes the way you work, but how much the platform changes to suite the way you’re already working. At Salesloft, we put the ability to work the way you want at the center of everything we do. You can see it in our robust Salesloft Connect features, but also in the number of tools with which we integrate.

We know we’re not in an exclusive relationship. We’d never dream to be the only sales technology your team employs. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the industries leading tools and created tight integrations that help you push Salesloft even further. If you haven’t explored these integrations for your team, you could be missing a big opportunity to streamline your workflow and make your team even more successful.

That’s why we invited Salesloft SDR, Rachel Cha, to discuss the top three integrations she uses every day to make more connections and close more deals:


Hey my name’s Rachel Cha. I’m an SDR here at Salesloft and today I’m here to talk to you all about leveraging our integrations to convert target accounts. The three main integrations that I want to talk to you all today about are Owler, CrystalKnows, and Vidyard and how I incorporate them into my work flow. So the way that I use Owler is when I’m in my Salesloft cadence, I click the Owler integration and that just gives me quick insights into recent articles, so whether they’re hiring or they just received funding. Another thing that Owler gives me insights into is the industry and other players in that space. So those are all things that I can quickly reference in my first email. The other day I was writing a first-day email to a prospect and through Owler I was able to learn that they were hiring SDR, scaling out that team, and also just received funding. So in that very first sentence, I was able to capture his attention by saying, “Hey, I noticed you are scaling out your SDR team. Congrats on the funding by the way, we’re helping similar teams in your industry.” So while Owler is great for personalizing at the company level, I really like to personalize at the prospect level as well, and that individual as a person, so an integration that I leverage is CrystalKnows. And I do that because CrystalKnows allows you to pull the personality profiles based off of the online presence of your prospect and gives you tips on how to communicate with that individual. For an example, the other day I was using CrystalKnows to craft an email and I clicked the personality profile. Gave me a couple tips on how to interact with this prospect. Told me to be direct, straight to the point, state my purpose in the very first sentence and also to use data to prove a point. The last integration I want to talk to ya’ll about today is Vidyard. Vidyard allows you to quickly create personalized videos for your prospects. These days it really takes a multi-channel approach to connect with prospects. Whether that’s through cvphone, email, or social, Vidyard is just one way to stand out in your prospect’s inbox. So I like to use the information that I’ve leveraged at a company level from Owler, at the prospect level from CrystalKnows, and take that and create a super personalized, relevant video through Vidyard. And as a team, we’ve seen great success from it. Thanks so much for taking time to listen to my tips today. I hope they were helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much and you all have a great day.