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The NEW Sales Development Career Matrix

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Jul. 22, 2015

Having a detailed career progression in sales is an absolute must.

It not only motivates reps by painting a crystal clear picture of what they can achieve and how it can grow their careers, but sets expectations for salary, quota, and promotions.

At Salesloft, the old SDR career path worked, but it didn’t match the goals of a fast-growing team of young reps who were hungry for career development.

In the new matrix, reps can choose their own career path based on their leadership style.

With more promotions and expanded benefits to go along with each role, new hires see exactly what it takes to climb the ladder to leadership roles and more career opportunities.

Take a look:


The goal of this progression is to prepare junior professionals for the career paths they will take once they leave an SDR role, be it another role in sales, customer success, marketing, or product.

Learn more about our detailed sales development career matrix and use this template to create your own today: