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The Cheesiest Sales Presentation You’ll Ever Read

2 min read
Nov. 17, 2015

In case you missed our recent announcement, we’ve shifted Salesloft to a single product platform and shut down new sales of our first successful product, Prospector.

With this decision have come many changes in our team’s process.

Last week, Salesloft VP of Sales Derek Grant gave our sales team a presentation, and it was fairly “cheesy,” to say the least.

The “cheese,” in actuality, is a metaphor from a parable about two men and two mice and their search for the elusive cheese. The cheese, in this case, represents what matters most to you, be it money, love, career, etc. And in our case, the cheese represents our mission to enable salespeople to sell with true intent and sincerity.

The sales game is ever-changing, and we must evolve along side it. Take a look at Derek Grant’s presentation below on how to adapt to changes as they come, and evolve with flexibility and agility:

We are committed to our mission of growing the sales development community and serving as the home base for SDRs. Salesloft is the platform of record for the sales development professional, and the simplest way on the internet to connect, qualify, and convert ‘data’ into sales opportunities. If you’re not already a believer, give it a try today.