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The Best Time to Schedule Sales Calls, Backed By Data

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Jul. 10, 2017

Unfortunately, when it comes to scheduling your first meeting with a prospect, no shows can and will happen. Take a look at your own schedule. Your time is probably dominated by meetings and appointments. Your prospect’s calendars no doubt look pretty similar. Combine their already busy schedules with the occasional fire drill that pops up and it’s no wonder that daily business events take precedence over hopping on a sales call.

But discovery calls are the crucial first step of your sales process, and you need to limit the likelihood of no-shows and give yourself the best opportunity for success. Interestingly enough, time of day and day of the week factor directly into successful discovery call connections. So you can (and should) schedule your calls according to how the average business day fluctuates.

Before you start an epic guessing game of when is the best time to call, our newest report has you covered. And based off our data, your discovery call golden hour falls during the afternoon early in the week.

The Early Bird is Busy

A lot of people start their day in a highly ritualized fashion; coffee must be had, emails read, and then they plan their day. Even if someone agrees to schedule a call in the morning, something as simple as running late can upend their routine, putting your discovery call on the back burner.

It’s not much of a surprise that the highest number of no-shows are first thing in the morning. Early in the day — before the caffeine kicks in — people’s own concerns are more top of mind making it easy for scheduled calls to slip through the cracks.

Sales call data

After the morning routine, after lunch, and after the post lunch rush, schedules start to calm down around 3pm. At this point, people may actually be looking for a reprieve from their inbox. Which makes this the best time to have a call and discover a product that will make their days easier.

Fridays are the Worst (for Scheduled Calls)

People have been giving Mondays a bad rap for far too long. As it turns out, early in the week is actually prime time for your discovery calls.

Sure, Monday mornings may drag (post-weekend vibes), and most people tackle anything left over from the previous week Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, however, prospects shift into a positive swing when people are ready to take on new tasks. It’s time to direct focus on this week’s to-do’s, which — if scheduled correctly — includes discovery calls.

sales call data

Towards the end of the week as people cheer T.G.I.F, your discovery call no-show rates increase along with the celebrations. Weekend plans encroach on your prospect’s headspace, making them a lot more likely to skip on that call. They want to be done with major initiatives…until next Monday!

You eagerly anticipate discovery calls with a new prospect. A no-show can heavily dampen your positive momentum. So plan accordingly! Schedule your discovery calls for the times that prospects are more attune to their schedule. Make it easy as possible for prospects to keep your call top of mind.

Download your copy of the free report today and start turning every discovery call into a highly qualified opportunity.