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Tailored Cadences Create Sales Success {Case Study}

By: Salesloft Editorial



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A smooth customer journey is the responsibility of the seller, not the buyer. There are many ways to create a pleasant buying journey, but it’s critical that each touch point along the journey is seamless.

Leaving a lasting impact and positive experience for the buyer begins with the discovery phase and communicating the value your solution can offer individual prospects. When a buyer sees that you are trying to help solve a problem they’re facing, the entire selling experience is more comfortable and rewarding. This step builds a relationship of trust and positions you as a business partner.

Leverage custom content that explicitly addresses how your product can improve their process. This consultative approach elevates the buying experience and benefits both you and the buyer. Studies support this assertion. When sellers provided ample relevant information early in the buying process, 95% of buyers choose their solution. Demonstrating the ROI resulting from a change is key to moving the buyer through their journey. Post-sale, it also helps to avoid buyer’s remorse. Proving the value of your solution is crucial to buyer satisfaction.

Examining the effect of a smooth customer journey in business success confirms the importance of having cadences in place for each customer. In this case study, Deputy’s Sales Manager for the Americas realized the impact of tailored cadences in the sales process when they adapted Salesloft’s sales engagement platform.

See Deputy’s full results here.