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Bring Sincerity Back To Your Sales Process

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Jan. 17, 2018

In an age where sales technologies run rampant, it’s all easy to run into an impersonal sales process. You’ve probably experienced it yourself. Templatized emails, broken dynamic tags, and unsubscribe links tucked neatly into the bottom of emails aren’t sincere. They’re nothing more than Marketing Automation targeting the masses.

This stems from the great technology sales professionals have at their fingertips being misused. It can be easy to send thousands of emails with a single click and feel like you’ve done your job when you get a few responses. But as you burn through your best prospects, you’ll realize this impersonal approach is also inefficient.

Chris Smith joins today’s episode to share exactly how a Sales Engagement platform can unify your tools and help you execute each sale with the personality and empathy your prospects deserve. Let’s take a look:


Hey, this is Chris Smith, Account Executive with Salesloft. I wanted to share with you the history of sales briefly, and also want to thank you for your time in advance. 10 years ago, it was all about the phone. Phone was uprising, and that’s where I cut my teeth, 50, 7500 calls a day. I think we can relate. However, email came into play five or so years later, or five years or so back, email became the noisiest communication channel on the market.

According to Google, in 2015, this is two years ago, imagine what this is today. 205.2 billion emails per day, and if you couple that with phone, imagine the noise that your buyers are seeing on a daily basis. So, what came into the marketplace a few years later is now social selling. Email, phone, social, but we are actually behind that as more and more buyers are seeing more and more noise in the marketplace. So what I wanted to talk to you about today is how I leverage Salesloft in a human, sincere, and personal way of selling and being relevant to my buyers during the sales process and for prospecting. So what I wanted to talk to you about first was traditional sales. We have to go back to traditional sales.

Traditional sales is empathy, sincerity, humanizing the relationship, actually showing value, concern, and care for your buyers, knowing their business, right? So what I’ve done and what I love about Salesloft, opposed to three years ago when I used to send just generic touches in a seven-by-seven cadence, sending you a templated email, I might send you a piece of content that is specific to your needs or specific to a conversation, such as, hey, you should check out page 22, it speaks directly to the account-based approach you’re looking to put in place for your team. So if you’re sending a generic piece of content that’s 48 pages, most likely you haven’t put any thought or empathy, or any time into reading that piece of content and understanding it and aligning it to the business, so it’s insincere, impersonal, and most likely just a waste of your time, ’cause it’s a waste of touch and a waste of their time.

This leads to the second tip I wanted to share with you, specifically around how Salesloft is helping our customers think about modern sales. Modern sales isn’t just about features, it’s about a sales rep understanding the business in a very sincere and human way. And as a modern seller, if you can relate your knowledge of their business, if you can relate and align your product or your service using a platform in a sincere, human way, you’re gonna have a much better and deeper understanding of their business.

So specifically, when you’re speaking to an executive, we all know that value selling is key, and so with Salesloft being a modern seller, understand their business, understanding their priorities, understanding the objections, and especially their future state, you’ll have a much better understanding and a deeper conversation with an executive who’s looking to take their business to the next level and increase their stakeholder value. So, I hope this was helpful. Feel free to reach out personally, I’m always open to a discussion. Thanks again for your time.