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These SalesLoft Features Will Save You Hours Each Week

4 min read
Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Aug. 2, 2017

Managing time as an account executive can feel like a high-pressure juggling act in front of a live audience. Day in, and day out you need to log mandatory tasks, send emails, make phone calls, and more, all while engaging with your prospects and closing deals. The only way to keep this act running smoothly is to maintain a high level of sales efficiency.

Even if you are a scheduling master, it’s still easy to get bogged down by your pipeline. You need the right tools in your sales stack to make efficiency possible. Using a sales engagement platform like Salesloft takes AE efficiency to the next level by simplifying the more repetitive tasks from your to-do list so they take less of your time. Salesloft allows you to automate the more repeatable tasks in your day and gives you easy access to the information you need. These types of streamlining features take the stress out of menial tasks and let you focus on what’s really important; building strong customer relationships

To shed even more light on how Salesloft can efficiently execute Account Executive’s tasks and put more time in your day, we’ve invited Stephen Gladney, Account Executive here at Salesloft, to this edition of Sales Tips.



Hi, Stephen Gladney here. I want to talk to you today about how Salesloft can help you save time and do more with less.

As an Account Executive there are a million tasks you must do every day to stay on top of your pipeline. And as that pipeline grows you can begin to get buried under a giant to do list, or even worse, have some leads fall through the cracks. To avoid this situation I use Salesloft to automate repetitive tasks and streamline actions that might take up a lot of my day. The first area that Salesloft helps me as an AE, is in Team Snippets. Many of your potential customers are going to be facing similar problems. So you might find yourself being repetitive with certain content or copy. So for example, using the same case study over and over again, or answering the same question over and over again. This is where Snippets comes very much in handy for AE’s. Tracking down this information, and having to copy and paste it every single time, is extremely tedious and can take up a lot of time. With Team Snippets I can have it right there, and not just for me, but for my other colleagues as well. We now have a comprehensive library of commonly used content, just a click away, or a few key strokes away.

On the topic of eliminating repetition, automation rules are a game changer. Recent studies have shown, that all the repetitive salesforce tasks being done each day, an AE can spend up to two thirds of their day on non selling activity. We’ve all been there before, logging tasks instead of actually selling. Automation rules let you take actions on common events or situations automatically. So for example, when a manager assigns me a new lead inside Salesforce I can have Salesloft automatically import that prospect into my cadence. Or when I find my own prospect,say on LinkedIn for example, I can have Salesloft automatically create that lead or contact for me in Salesforce.

With these rules in place you can spend more time selling and less time on series management. I know how annoying it can be when tech doesn’t work the way that it should. From connectivity issues to unsaved data, it can be both frustrating and hinder your deal. That’s why Salesloft identifies and fixes sync errors for you automatically. Thanks for watching. Hope this was helpful. Feel free to drop a question or comment below.


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