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3 Salesforce Reports Every Sales Leader Needs

3 min read
Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Aug. 1, 2018

Sales organizations rely on Salesforce to track leads, drive customer engagement, and improve the efficiency of their sales reps. When looking to make an impact on the team’s overall success or enhance individual performance, leaders turn to Salesforce reports for insight. This reporting can transform data into actionable insights that improve business results.

In the video below, Sophie Darch, Business Operations Analyst at Salesloft, shares with us three reports every sales leader needs and how they can impact sales success. Whether it’s finding coaching opportunities or identifying top cadences for email engagement, leadership can leverage Salesforce reporting to improve business results.

Sophie Darch, Business Operations Analyst here at Salesloft. Today, I’d like to talk to you about Salesforce reports. The reports that I’ll be showing today will look at the top cadences from an email and phone conversation engagement, but also we can see which cadences are pulling in the most revenue for your team.

We know your executive team lives inside of Salesforce, which means this data needs to, as well. That’s why we’ve created Salesforce reports that you can use not only for your team’s overall success but also looking at their individual performance. Let’s dive in.

The first report I’d like to share looks at positive conversations. A report like this is great for coaching. Pulling in the rate by rep shows you each reps’ contribution, as well as any outliers that might be driving the overall team rate up or down.

The second report I’d recommend is looking at top cadences by email engagement. This report is similar to the first showing at a high level which emails are producing the highest reply and click rates and also grouped by rep to show any outliers on the team. As a sales leader, you’ll be able to suggest the best content for your cadences with a report like this.

Last, but not least, we’ll be looking at top cadences based off of opportunities created. While conversation and email engagement are very important, the best and biggest indicators of what’s working are opportunities created and also opportunities won. With this report, you’re able to accurately determine the cadences that are pulling in the highest revenue and also tie attribution back to your team.

Thanks for watching. I hope we’ve helped paint a picture of what’s possible with and the power of Salesforce reporting. Feel free to drop any comments or questions below and Happy Lofting.
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