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Determine Your Sales Tech Functionality Gap

By: Salesloft Editorial



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Think about the sales tech functionality you were most excited about when you purchased. Are you using those features today?

Using this Functionality Gap Assessment, you can periodically review your current technology priorities and compare them with what go you so excited in the evaluation phase.

For every technology solution you currently own, you’ll assess each feature determining whether sellers are using the feature and if it was one that was important to you during the evaluation. The results of the assessment will reveal your sales tech functionality gap: the difference between your initial expectations and what you are actually using.

Best case scenario: The technology is possibly providing more value than you ever expected and you could benefit from opening it to new teams or use cases.

Worst case scenario: You determine why users are not taking advantage of the functionality and create an action plan to increase adoption.

Don’t forget to assess your sales tech functionality periodically to identify technology that you no longer need or that you could maximize.

Get the most from your current sales technology