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Sales Motivation Monday: Bringing Your Culture to the Dreamforce Floor

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Sep. 26, 2016

You’re planning your conference agenda to make sure you hit all of the right sessions. You’re setting all of your consultations and meetings so that when you set foot on the Dreamforce floor, you’ll have a slew of prospects ready and waiting. You’re doing everything you need to do to prepare for Dreamforce… right?

Culture awareness in the workplace is a relatively new concept — at least to the SaaS community. But it’s certainly not on the forefront of most people’s minds as they prepare for big wig conferences like Dreamforce.

For many companies, culture is an afterthought. For some, it’s something that’s practiced, just inside the four walls of whatever office space, coworking environment, or coffee shop the internal company practices. But for a select few, culture is something that runs so deep within the team and it’s customers, that it’s impossible not to carry along everywhere they go: even the Dreamforce floor.

“Corporate culture is having its renaissance moment,” says Salesloft CEO Kyle Porter. “Startups around the world, and companies like Netflix, Hubspot, and Salesforce are beginning to pay a lot more attention to organizational health, and for a good reason.”

Thankfully, in this economy, strong hiring candidates know that it’s easier to find a company to work for with an average culture than an environment that will allow them to learn more, do more, and become more. The thing is: they’re looking for is a company with core values and an undeniable culture.

Most importantly, great candidates are looking for a place where they’ll find fulfillment. “ – Kyle Porter

Well, newsflash, conference goers: your customers want the same thing.

What sets companies apart? It’s not the price. It’s not the name. And no, it’s not even the product. It’s the people. And keeping culture at the core of your people takes repetition, devotion, and a centered focus on the values of each and every member of your team, at all times.

Here at Salesloft, we have six core values: positive, supportive, self-starting, open, empathetic, and exceptional, and those values are like the Pledge of Allegiance — repeated day-in and day-out, at every single monthly company breakfast, and on every stage we take.

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But this isn’t for effect, and it isn’t just lip service. Our constant heartbeat of culture is the key to instilling important thoughts, missions, and values into ourselves, our teammates — and most importantly, our prospects and customers in a way that lasts.

“As a business leader, culture is the only thing you have complete control over within your company,” admits Kyle. “Markets change, technologies change, and industry landscapes change.” But the people who matter most, the people who’s lives you are striving to change every single day — those people’s’ desire for a company with heart and culture– never will.

The standards by which you do things is under your control… This is what makes up your company and this is the sustainable advantage of a modern culture in the cloud.”

So as you prepare for the largest event in the industry of sales, consider this: no amount of appointments set, badges scanned, or swag collected will surpass the value of sharing your company’s culture on the Dreamforce floor. Take the time as you prep with your team for your week in San Francisco, and consider what kind of presence you want to convey to the community, and make sure that you’re aligned across the board with the same culture standards.

What is Kyle most excited about as we take software’s biggest stage?

“To represent something more than just software and good traction. By doing things the Salesloft way, we’re building something that stands for something, that sets a mark, not just of performance, but also of values. We’re building a company that shows others how greatness goes hand in hand with respect for ourselves and others, and with being intentional.”

Stay tuned for more Dreamforce advice, sales tips, and more from the Salesloft team as we prepare for the biggest conference in the industry. Single digit countdown, here we come!

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