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Sales Leader Resources: Book List for “Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, and Depression in Sales”

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Jun. 18, 2020

Ollie Sharpe, Salesloft’s VP of Revenue for EMEA, recently spoke at our Virtual Summit for Sales Leaders on “Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, and Depression in Sales.” As he puts it, “mental health can feel like a difficult topic to discuss in the fast-paced and quota-driven world that many of us live in,” so he demonstrates how and why to start that conversation.

Ollie mentioned multiple books that he’s found helpful or insightful on this topic, and we’ve included the full list below so you can find inspiration in these as well.

And if you missed Ollie’s session, catch the recording here. He includes practical models to improve mental health at the individual and team level, and the improved performance this will generate for your company!

Books that played a key part in Ollie’s session:
Other books Ollie mentioned:
A book that includes a number of sources on mental health:
A great book for being productive to reduce the stress around your to-do list.
2 of Ollie’s favorite books: