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Sales Development Training Day with John Barrows

By: Salesloft Editorial


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Sales development training is a continuous process, and a few weeks ago, our Sales Development Reps and Account Executives got up close and personal with one of the best sales trainer in the industry, John Barrows.

John is sales trainer to the world’s leading tech companies. Through his extensive experience and the lessons learned throughout his years in the brutal, unforgiving world of sales, John’s goal is to provide the sales development training that’s been historically lacking in the SDR community.

You may remember John’s theory on the secret to success (hint: there is no secret.) He believes in hard work and hustle, because at the end of the day SDRs have the hardest job in sales. And during his chat with the Salesloft reps, he gave a few of his pieces of advice that lead to harder hustle, and more qualified meetings set.

1. Create a routine.

Think of sales like working out. You maintain a routine, and every morning you wake up, and you do your routine. And it’s that consistency that keeps you in shape. You’re going to yo-yo up and down if you don’t set specific goals and routines.

2. Write down your goals.

Getting your goals on paper is the best thing you can do to motivate you to reach them.

The same goes for your teammates: write down goals for your meetings. Staying focused on the end goal is the best way to have meetings with power — the kind that actually get stuff done.

3. Hold your clients accountable.

We all get the sales brush-off, or the client that says “Get back to me on Friday.” We all know what happens on Friday: nothing. So set the expectations upfront and hold them accountable. What time on Friday? Is your calendar in front of you? Why don’t we pick a time and throw it on the calendar so I can get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ from you.