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The Evolving Landscape Of Sales Performance Metrics {Interactive}

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Aug. 10, 2016

Sales today is chock-full of data. The motto “you can only improve what you measure,” has become a thread woven into the fabric of today’s sales software companies through sales performance metrics.

Organizations are able to¬†collect real user data and distill it down to tease out themes for your sales reps. Beautiful graphs suggest best times for engagement by phone, email, and social. Dashboards gamify sales and show who’s leading the field. Managers can see who’s sticking to the process, and where individual reps are shining — all at a moment’s notice.

But the easy availability of data collection begs the question – which metrics actually matter?

And to further convolute the issue, the specialization of sales roles means you need different data for different team members. But not to worry. The Essential Guide To Sales Analytics has parsed out beginner, intermediate, and advanced sales performance metrics for Sales Development, Account Executive, and Sales Operations roles.

Take a look at the interactive infographic below to find characteristics and key sales performance metrics for all three tiers and all three roles: