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Reveal hidden messages and competitors across your sales calls with Salesloft

By: Salesloft Editorial


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Data that teams can transcribe, analyze, and summarize from their customer Conversations is super helpful…if it gives them the full picture of what’s actually going on. 

That’s because trying to understand a situation using point-in-time and single conversation data is like trying to see the big picture by looking through a keyhole. 

It makes it nearly impossible for revenue teams to answer the “big-picture” questions. For example, if a competitor is mentioned in a single recording, what does it mean for the market? If a customer expresses dissatisfaction twice this week, do you have a customer service problem? Or if one of your reps fails to communicate the value proposition consistently, should you tweak your training? 

While you can sort-of act on this information, it’s unclear whether or not your efforts would yield the results you expect or want. That’s because you don’t know if you’re actually addressing the underlying problem – or worse, creating a new one. 

Look beyond the snapshot with Tracker Trends 

To solve this problem, we’re giving a birds eye view to Conversations with Tracker Trends. Tracker Trends make connections across Conversations and visualize patterns over time to identify problems or areas of opportunity that were otherwise invisible. 

Sales coaches, managers, and go-to-market leaders can see if: 

  • Buyers are mentioning a competitor more often
  • There are frequent mentions of product issues
  • Price sensitivity is increasing or decreasing
  • Sellers are pitching the product well (and on-message)
Screenshot of the Analytics report over time in the Salesloft platform

Tracker Trends is a new, more tactful, and efficient way to think and look at call reporting. The reporting dashboard is broken down into three categories: 

  1. Trends over time by number of Conversations
  2. Terms ranking in [selected Tracker group]
  3. Conversations with mentions

Trends over time by number of Conversations 

The line chart gives a quick and easy snapshot of overall trends happening across Conversations, with the option to filter by date, owner, and Tracker Group/Term. Tracker Groups break down Conversations by different categories, such as next steps, filler words, authority, budget + pricing, and partners. 

In the image below, there’s an obvious uptick in Next Steps. This is a great opportunity to check in with reps running those Conversations and the related accounts to see if anything has been stalled – and then create a game-plan on what to do next. 

Screenshot of Trends over time by number of conversations in the Salesloft platform

This feature allows you to see the exact terms that are most frequently mentioned.

If more competitors are being mentioned, for example, this is a cause for investigation. 

In a real-world scenario, let’s say a new competitor has entered the market. Tracker Trends will reveal to you that they are offering a free product and it’s enticing buyers away from your paid product. You can then use this insight to strategize your product messaging, competitive sales tactics, and perhaps even your pricing options!

Screenshot of the terms ranking in Next Steps in the Salesloft platform

Need a more in-depth view of the Conversations happening, and what they entail? Use the table to drill down into the peaks and valleys happening on the Trend chart. 

The table offers a full list view of every conversation, the related Tracker terms, and additional key features. Not only can you see the number of Conversations happening for each Tracker group, but you can also track it back to the specific rep – so you can identify areas of opportunity across their calls to then make improvements. 

Screenshot of Conversations with mentions in the Salesloft platform

Sales enablement and sales training 

You just spent countless hours creating and distributing thoughtful resources to your revenue teams, all with the goal of helping them advance and win deals. But how do you know if they’re actually applying what they learned, or if the resources were even effective to begin with? 

Tracker Trends give insight into how sellers are selling – and if they are delivering key value propositions from marketing, or applying sales training skills in Conversations. For example, see what topics are brought up most during the negotiation stage and how reps are responding to objections. 

With a better understanding of what is and isn’t working across content and Conversations, sales enablement can refine their programs, and sales managers can coach more effectively. 

Sales managers 

Whether you’re leading AEs, SDRs, or renewals managers, being a sales manager is all about helping your teams hit department metrics. But to effectively do that, you have to know what your team is (or isn’t) doing to get there. 

Tracker Trends give sales managers insight into topics that may be slowing deals. At a high-level, you can see how many times things like pricing and partners were mentioned over time across several different buyer/seller Conversations, and the exact terms mentioned in relation to those Conversations. Then, you can drill down into the individual Conversations of the people on your team – letting you have a more targeted, 1:1 coaching approach when needed. 

Product Managers 

Quite simply, your job as a product manager is to build something people love. 

Tracker Trends give Product Managers the on-going insight they need to develop, alter, and grow the product. Capturing feedback from real-time Conversations on specific features that require improvement or need to be built ensures a more targeted and consistent product creation process – which in turn reflects a more cohesive buying journey and positive experience for customers. 


Understanding your customers – and how to talk to them – makes the marketing process far more human and much less transactional. Looking at trends across Conversations gives marketing a better idea of how to target prospects, enlighten customers, and streamline the overall experience. 

It also gives marketers a better understanding of key competitors and pricing, helping them evolve product positioning, develop competitive materials, and improve value props.

Recap: Tracker Trends is your new secret weapon

Stop wasting time on the impossible task of stitching insights from individual Conversations to get a full-picture understanding of how your team is performing, and whether they’re on track to hit their goals. 

Tracker Trends reduce the time spent on diagnosing problems in your team’s messaging, lets you take quicker corrective action through coaching, and quickly confirms the impact of the countermeasures you implement.

Check out additional capabilities across Salesloft Conversations, and see how you can sell more confidently with the opportunity to transcribe, analyze, and summarize every conversation.