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How Two AEs Are Using SalesLoft for Opportunity Management

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Feb. 21, 2020

In a joint study conducted with TOPO (now Gartner), we found that reps are only spending about half their time on core selling activities. What might be possible if sellers had more time to focus on prospects and customers? 

Sales Engagement automates the manual tasks that pull your reps away from selling. Plus, all sales activity is synced to your CRM, eliminating chores like Salesforce data entry. With these constraints out of the way, closers can zero-in on the buyer and deliver the sales experience they deserve.

And with the addition of Deals to Sales Engagement, we’re turning “Salesforce, or it didn’t happen” on its head. With 75% faster opportunity data updates, your teams will spend more time on deal strategy and less time updating pipeline.

Thanks to Deals, sellers can close more revenue faster with a streamlined sales opportunity management process. Let’s talk to a couple of Account Executives who are realizing just that.

Opportunity Pipeline Management in the Wild

Natalie Love is an account executive in the employee engagement measurement industry. She uses Salesloft to streamline her entire sales cycle.

Natalie appreciates the ability to organize all her activities in one spot, which helps her stay on task and keep things moving in the pipeline. 

“What I like best about Salesloft is that everything is right there in one screen, so I don’t have to jump around,” she says. “With all of the integrations that Salesloft has, I can easily see a prospect I’m working on, their LinkedIn page, information about their company, all the notes of what I’m doing with that prospect, and even make my calls directly from Salesloft.”

Natalie uses the platform to manage her time and organize prospecting efforts, dials, and multi-touches, all the way to managing opportunities in her pipeline.

“If you’re considering Salesloft, my recommendations would be to really think through how much time you’re spending trying to keep up with tasks,” Natalie says. “And if that answer is way too much, then Salesloft is definitely an option for you.”

Opportunity Pipeline Management at Salesloft

Meet Mónica Cottrell, an account executive at Salesloft. Mónica was an early adopter of Opportunity Management through the Salesloft Deals product and uses Salesloft every day.

Opportunity Management has changed the way Mónica works. With features built to optimize her workflow by reducing steps and redundancies, Mónica has more time to do what matters: connect with buyers.

“Before opportunity management, I was manually updating 10-15 opportunities at a time and had several Salesforce tabs open. It took forever!” Mónica says. “Now with in-line editing, my opportunities are always up-to-date and my director and I can collaborate more effectively and make better use of our time together.“

Opportunity Management also gives Mónica the ability to see all her current opportunities and seamlessly update them without distraction, and without needing to pull up her CRM. This makes it easier for her to find deal gaps and focus on where she needs to make changes.

Mónica says, “This is critical for me as a full-cycle rep. The time I’m saving with in-line editing my opportunities gives me more time to prospect and move deals forward.” 

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