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One of the Hottest Apps in Sales Intelligence

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Updated Aug. 24, 2020
Published Apr. 1, 2016

Prospecting and selling without sales intelligence is like riding in the middle seat of the back row on a commercial jet, next to the bathroom: cramped, uncomfortable, and hard to stand out.

Even my mother told me the first lesson of selling was to “go to their office and look at their pictures on the wall, desk, trinkets, so you can understand them better and talk about their interests.”

But you already know that. Having empathy and understanding for your customer has finally become stylish.

And our generation of sellers is fortunate. We can tap into a global database of the universe. A place that contains the information we need. We call it the internet.

Our sales intelligence now lives in digital bits and bytes and the ancient practice of searching for trinkets on the desk of our buyer to find information is over: killed by the web. But finding intel here on the web is as difficult as finding an ounce of humility in a Kanye West tweet storm. As my good friend Jerry Seinfeld says, “Good luck with ALL that!”

Fortunately, we’ve found out how you can get a VIP reservation to the heart of your buyer… without doing all the hard work. Welcome to one of my favorite sales intelligence apps of 2016 and one of the best protocols to achieve the goal of maintaining sincerity at scale.

Meet Owler

With Owler’s Competitive Graph, you can find an account’s:

Funding History:

Owler Sales Intelligence Salesloft Funding

Revenue History & Acquisitions:

Owler Sales Intelligence Salesloft Revenue History & Acquisitions

Employee History & Leadership Team:

Owler Sales Intelligence Salesloft Employee History & Leadership Team

News Coverage vs. Competitors, and more:

Owler Sales Intelligence Salesloft News

These timely updates and insights help reps decipher the context from the overwhelming amount of content that is served to them by the minute.

Unlike other tools, Owler is one of our favorite sales development tools because it doesn’t try to cannibalize our attention by sucking away our most important, finite resource – time. Instead, it conveniently consolidates news, alerts, and reports in a single “Daily Snapshot” email.

Owler’s “My Portfolio” and “My Companies” features are also great for Account Based Sales Development because this intel provides insight into a new, unchartered account’s industry and competitors.

Most importantly, intel from Owler is now built right into our sales development platform so you can see insights in the moment you’re composing prospecting emails and during prospecting call conversations.

Owler Sales Intelligence Salesloft Sales Development Cloud

Stay in-the-know with hand-curated, real-time updates about companies, along with exclusive company insights from the Owler community – all within the Sales Development Cloud.

Welcome to first class on the private jet of customer acquisition.