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Monthly Business Review Template for SDRs

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Updated Oct. 17, 2023
Published Aug. 22, 2022

Sales monthly business reviews are valuable because they push you to reflect on the previous month and strategize as a team to solidify open opportunities and accelerate deal cycles. Does your monthly business review template need an overhaul? We’ve got you.

What is a Monthly Business Review?

A monthly business review is an internal meeting that gives sales reps the chance to review the previous month’s results with managers and explain their plan for the upcoming month. A monthly business review is the same idea as the more common quarterly business review, or QBR. The sellers who are focused on monthly numbers, like SDRs, benefit from a cadence that matches their goals.

Download this sample monthly business review template.

Download here

Why It’s a Game Changer

Monthly business reviews should increase sales and put sellers on the path to promotion. A good monthly business review template focuses on the outcomes sellers need to achieve. It also gives their sales managers a plan for actionable 1:1 meetings. They have specific accounts to discuss, metrics to review, and the next promotion is always in view. SDRs especially are looking to move up in their organization and a good monthly business review template helps them to know exactly what is needed on a monthly basis to get the promotion.

Accessing the information needed for monthly business reviews can be a challenge – especially from a CRM. This is one of the areas where a sales engagement platform shines. With visibility into all sales and engagement data through dashboards and reports, both managers and reps can stay on the same page, see progress toward goals, and reduce the amount of time they spend preparing. See how Salesloft Coaching can change the game.