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Modern Sales Ops at Dreamforce: Are You Ready?

1 min read
Sep. 27, 2016

Modern sales ops (or, as we like to lovingly refer to them as: sales nerds) are finding their niche at Dreamforce 2016. But preparing for the event doesn’t have the same priorities as that of a modern sales rep. While the two have the same basic structure — mindset, wardrobe, and technology — the specific goals of each are completely different.

As the guardians of the sales data, and modern sales ops are focused on bringing home tips and tricks to managing their sales teams’ activities — especially as the pertain to the post-event madness. So, to help these sales nerds take home the best arsenal of knowledge as possible, we’ve outlined the anatomy of a modern sales ops professional at Dreamforce.

Check out the infographic below to learn how little things like staying connected to their home base team (i.e. CRM) and having the right tools at their disposal will help them succeed at next week’s conference:

modern sales ops