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Introducing the Modern Revenue Workspace™ by Salesloft

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Sep. 7, 2021

At Salesloft, everything we do centers around helping sellers exceed their goals. We know how hard selling can be, and we know it can be easier. We know how complex sales processes can be, and we believe they can be simpler. We know how elusive accurate forecasting can be, and we know it can be better.

That’s why we built the first Sales Engagement platform – to make the lives of sellers easier.

Working with thousands of customers has given us a deep understanding of the problems sellers and sales teams face every day. Our customers’ needs inspired each phase of the Salesloft platform evolution. 

Customers helped us see that capturing crucial meeting interactions – not just emails – was essential, so we added Conversation Intelligence to our platform. Customers showed us how it was critical to provide value to all selling phases, not just the prospecting phase.  

Account executives and full-cycle reps needed help managing opportunities and closing deals, so we added opportunity and pipeline management to the platform.   

Today, we are proud that our platform is the most complete Sales Engagement solution in the market and helps thousands of the world’s most successful sellers and sales teams close more revenue. 

But we’re looking to the future. 

We see a world where all that sellers need is one powerful, elegant, and easy-to-use digital selling platform. It’s the Modern Revenue Workspace™ and it’s going to forever change how you sell.

Modern Revenue Workspace Diagram

This vision is inspired by our customers. As we talk to sellers and revenue leaders, we hear common themes: 

Selling has gotten harder. 

Buyers expect more. 

The explosion of sales technology and access to capital has made the fight for buyers’ attention incredibly difficult.

In this environment, sellers are struggling to succeed. Even the best sales organizations plan for only 60% of their sellers to hit quota – and this number has been declining for the last decade.

Then came Covid. Companies were forced to pivot to a digital selling motion, whether they were ready to or not. Most were not. Companies struggled to re-tool, re-skill, and re-architect their sales processes.  Many companies are still trying to figure it out. 

It’s true that some face-to-face selling is coming back and may continue in the future. But it won’t be the same. Selling has gone digital. And as it turns out, both buyers and sellers like it. They like the flexibility to work from anywhere. 

But organizations must transform to digital selling or they’ll be left behind.


by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. Gartner 


The news in the digital selling world isn’t all good, though. The speed and complexity of digital sales is creating chaos. We’re communicating more than ever before across more channels than ever before. There is too much information from too many buyers for sales reps to distinguish signal from noise. Trying to stay on top of it all is keeping sellers from doing what they do best: connecting with people to solve problems. 

Further, the explosion of available sales technology has also led to bloated “franken-stacks” full of  disconnected sales tools that over-promise, under-deliver, and don’t work well together. All this additional software has actually made sellers’ lives harder. They’re failing to hit revenue targets because too much of their time is spent navigating between disconnected tools and doing manual work-arounds. And a byproduct of this tech bloat is that companies are paying increased training and administrative costs for all of these disparate tools. 

We’ve seen sales leaders respond to the new selling environment with two different approaches:

Option 1: Do more, push harder, add tools

Leaders are pushing their teams to drive productivity – more calls/emails, more pipeline, more opportunities, work harder (not smarter). Implementing the next shiny sales tool without improving the seller’s experience translates into frustrated sellers and a poor buying experience for their customers. Reps miss quota and leave for companies that offer a better work environment and chance of success.

Option 2:   Beat back the chaos

Thankfully, there’s another option. We’re seeing a new class of sales leaders who are choosing to rise up and beat back the chaos and simplify their sellers’ lives – one where they stop just providing more tools to use and focus on giving them the right ones. They know their teams will do more, win more, and ultimately serve their customers better if they give their sellers the tools and experience to thrive. 

These sales leaders realize that winning isn’t enough. They know the way you win matters. Success isn’t just hitting your number. It means having a fulfilled life. It means not living in chaos. The selling experience matters – not just to sales people, but also to their buyers.  

This is the option we see Salesloft customers choose. We believe modern sales should make it easier to generate and close revenue. Sellers and sales teams need a new partner – a new guide that was born in the world of digital selling. Salesloft is that partner. That’s why we’re introducing the Modern Revenue Workspace. 

The vision is to provide tools, data, and automation to support sellers – to allow machines to do what they do best and take overhead out of the sales process. This frees up sellers to do the things they’re uniquely great at – connecting, guiding, strategizing, and problem solving. 

The Modern Revenue Workspace is one place sellers work to engage with buyers. It’s a digital sales platform built specifically for sellers. It provides a prioritized action queue and guidance on where to most effectively take action (e.g., reach out to a particular customer or prospect, follow-up and share insight from a meeting, coach struggling reps, or lean in on an at-risk deal).  

The Modern Revenue Workspace is built around 3 core principles:

  1. Drive action and engagement
  2. Data and AI delivered in the workflow
  3. Revenue team alignment

Meetings No-Show


It includes the most critical tools for digital selling, including best practice workflows and all the communication channels sellers need including email, calls, meetings, sms and social. Data and AI embedded in the workflow help them identify the most engaged prospects, stalled but winnable deals, and trends that help revenue teams adjust course to improve performance.

It’s where teams come together to engage with prospects and customers, build pipeline coverage, coach, and collaborate to move deals forward. And for sales leaders, having one place for digital selling helps drive alignment across their teams.

The vision of the Modern Revenue Workspace is that of a place where sellers LOVE to work – not multiple tools they HAVE to use.  It helps them organize, guide, and execute their day.  

In return, sellers get to enjoy their 9-to-5 while providing an amazing customer experience. Sales team morale soars to an all-time high, new reps ramp faster, more reps hit quota, and stick around to build and grow their sales careers. Organizations that modernize their digital selling will become destinations for the best sellers in the market. 

Welcome to the new way to sell, the Modern Revenue Workspace. And it’s only from Salesloft.

P.S. Check out the updates in our Fall ‘21 launch.