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Creative Ways to Use Customizable “Other” Steps in Your Sales Cadences

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Oct. 11, 2017

Sales success has always required reaching your prospects where they are. Often times that’s at their office via a phone call or at their computer via email. But phone and email don’t even come close to covering all the touchpoints used by the modern buyer. That’s why Salesloft has a category of steps that can be added to Cadences for everything else.

Whether it’s sending an old-fashioned letter, reaching out over social media, or other unique steps that give your sales process the razzle-dazzle it needs to stand out, Salesloft “Other” steps have the flexibility to be used in limitless unique and creative ways!

Maggie Barlow, Salesloft SDR, joins us for this edition of Sales Tips to discuss some of her experiences using other steps to creatively engaging prospects.



Maggie Barlow here. I’d like to talk to you today about using creative cadence steps to reach more prospects. As anyone in sales knows, being creative can help in standing out from the crowd. Luckily, Salesloft provides other steps with your cadences to let your creativity shine. These steps can range from direct mail to social media, whatever fits your process best. Today, I’ll share three ways our team has seen success using other steps.

My first tip is to use the other step feature for research. The value of a research step is two-fold. First, I can make sure my prospect information is 100% accurate. This ensures the dynamic tags in any automated emails are correct. Research also presents material for relevant personalization. This way, I can add a personal touch to high-value targets, be it an intro, PS line, or GIF. By adding the research step, you can get that personal touch that will finally get you a response from your prospect.

My second tip revolves around good old-fashioned snail mail. Regardless of what it is, direct mail will deliver something tangible to prospects. Mail sends also show prospects that they’re important to us, that we’ve made an investment, but the best part is the flexibility. Whether we send cupcakes, a comfy shirt, or a handwritten letter, it gives us the opportunity to wow our prospects. For example, I was trying to get in with a high-value account. I reached out to the prospect a couple of times to no response, realized on LinkedIn that his birthday was coming up, so instead of continuing to send him emails or make vague phone calls, I sent him a box of cupcakes. He got the cupcakes, responded immediately, and we got set up a meeting.

My third tip involves using social media as another step. Adding another type of touch point increases your chances to connect. The beauty of other steps is it allows you to choose which channel works best for your prospect, whether it be LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Instagram. It also gives you the ability to apply your research and share relevant social posts with your prospects. Other steps are a great way for me to bring variety to my communication.

Thanks for watching. I hope you’ve learned a few ways on how to creatively engage your prospects with other steps.

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