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Introducing the SalesLoft Community & SalesLoft U

3 min read
Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Mar. 14, 2016

As devoted advocates of the Sales Development Rep, our goal is to put more time back into our customers’ day, by helping them be more productive and close more deals.

We strive every day to provide the resources that help get the most value out of Salesloft. From blog posts and eBooks, to the idea base, and of course, our team, we are here to give you the information you need to succeed.

But in this daily strive, we realized that we were missing a few key tools to help you connect, learn, and grow. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the Salesloft Community, an online forum for platform users, and Salesloft U, your one-stop-shop for learning all things Salesloft!

Salesloft Community

The Salesloft Community was created as a place for Salesloft customers to post questions, connect, and get advice from one another. While the Salesloft solution was created for sales development teams, we realize that not every customer uses the platform in the same way.

No matter how a you’re using Salesloft in your process, we want you to be successful.

The community allows users to work together to find the best answers for common roadblocks, questions, and best practice strategies. Ask anything — from workflow questions within the platform, to how to build out a sales development team — and get answers from peers in the industry. All that’s needed is a Salesloft login to join the conversation today!

Salesloft U

Salesloft U is the online university where users can learn Salesloft platform skills at their own pace. The resources found here are meant to help users not only integrate Salesloft into their process, but to excel at it.

We’re regularly creating courses that take users step-by-step through everything from the basic understanding of Salesloft’s functionality, to incorporating the latest and greatest sales development strategies into the outbound process.

Dive into the Learn the Basics section, where students quickly become experts at using Salesloft to create and execute a repeatable outbound process. Then, head over to the Advance Your Strategy tab to take the university to the next level. Learn how to adopt the most successful sales development strategies into daily processes and routines. Learn even more through the Enhance the Process section by listening to one of the pre-recorded webinars hosted on the site.

With Salesloft U, you’ll go from being a Lofter… to a Rainmaker.

We want every Salesloft customer to succeed, and we’re constantly working to educate and support our users — as well as learn from them.

Thank you to our customers who inspire us every single day. We hope you enjoy these new learning environments — created just for you!