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How to Use 1000 Daily Sales Emails Wisely

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Updated Oct. 18, 2023
Published Jan. 29, 2016

Since day one, we’ve preached personalization over automation.

But when you’re selling to salespeople in this SaaS industry, it’s easy to reach for automation in daily sales emails. You’re not the only one. We’re all mice running out of cheese, and for many, the quickest way to find more leads is to email more leads.

The B2B sales industry of 2016 is not robot-to-robot, though… it’s human-to-human.

That’s why we practice semi-automation. When we first created our product, we were staunch believers in sending less-quantity-more-quality emails. Semi-automation was the best way to get more done without losing that personal touch.

But, with that said, we understand that everyone has a unique process. And our desire is to support them all.

With our email sending limit at 250 per day, we realized (and users told us) that we were limiting people’s processes. So we decided to take action, and offer more flexibility within the workflow.

Now, through Salesloft, users can send up to 1,000 sales emails per day.

This news has had users cheering in their seats. And we’re happy to accommodate the needs of our customers, above all else. But for the first time in all of our product updates, we feel the need to mark this one with an asterisk:

*Please Use Wisely

The biggest roadblock holding us back from this change was the fact that we weren’t ready to let go of our belief system behind human interaction in daily sales emails. We were afraid that if we increased the sending limit, that belief would fall to the wayside, and our product would be abused.

But we know that more quantity doesn’t have to mean less quality, and we trust that you — the user — understand that, too.

And to ensure that we’re all on the same page with how to best use this increase, we put together some bumper guards to help automation-fail-proof our newest feature.

Here are a few ways to recognize warning signs and use these 1000 daily sales emails wisely:

1. User Discretion is Advised. Salesloft admins can adjust the daily per-user limit through the “Email Limit” tab of your team settings. With this control setting, admins can manage the daily sending limits of their individual contributors at their own discretion.

2. Please Use Responsibly. Don’t forget: there are Gmail and Outlook send limits and abuse policies that still must be followed. We may have increased our sending limits, but when it comes to other platforms, the limit DOES exist.

3. Caution! High Automation. Just because the sending limit has been increased, that doesn’t mean that personalization and customization should go out the window. Keep human interaction in mind when semi-automating, and always practice quality over quantity.

When it comes to daily sales emails, the balance between personalization and automation is delicate. In a culture riddled with mass communication, it’s still important to make a prospect feel as if they are the most important person you’ve reached out to that day.

Determining the right balance between automated outreach and personalized touches, at scale, depends entirely on the environment of your market, prospects, and deals. And the better you understand your ideal customer profile (and the best ways to reach them) the better your usage of this increased sending limit will be.

The biggest element of determining your position on the Sincerity–Scale sales continuum is having a set cadence for executing on a system, measuring the results, and improving the activity. With the right system, you don’t have to make such a stark tradeoff with sincerity and scale… you can have both.” – Kyle Porter

Understanding customers needs and including flexibility within their workflow means the world to us. But we wanted to do so without sacrificing what we believe truly in: human interaction.

Please use these tips to help use these 1000 daily sales emails wisely, and watch your cadence scale at a healthy and sustainable rate.