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How Recruitment Teams Benefit from Sales Engagement Technology

By: Salesloft Editorial



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While the Great Resignation has resulted in a flood of readily available candidates, recruiters still struggle to keep the talent pipeline flowing. Candidates can be more selective in today’s competitive landscape, and expectations of the recruiting process are increasing.

This means you need every advantage to win over top candidates and keep them engaged throughout the process. A Sales Engagement platform offers both the automation and personalization to provide that seamless recruitment experience. 

By using the right blend of automation and personal touch, you’ll ease candidates’ frustrations and ensure a smooth recruitment cycle from initial lead to hiring and beyond. In this post, we’ll share how Sales Engagement technology can benefit each member of your recruitment team and deliver better interactions with all of your talent. 

The Problem Recruiters Face Today

Research shows that nearly half (49%) of job seekers working in high-demand sectors like technology, banking, and energy have turned down an offer because of a bad experience during the hiring process. In addition, many candidates are frustrated by the recruitment process dragging out (67%) or by recruiters vanishing even after a candidate has had an interview (61%).

With more vacancies to fill and higher expectations from your client to deliver top-tier candidates, you can’t afford to let the right candidates slip away. As candidates get pickier, the experience they have with your firm can make or break whether they work with you or not.

A foundational step in solving this problem is having the right tools to reach a bigger candidate pool while still providing high-touch interactions that make candidates feel valued. Below are some ways Sales Engagement helps each recruitment role bridge the gap between growing vacancies and higher candidate expectations. 

How 180 Recruitment and Delivery Consultants Benefit from Sales Engagement 

180 recruitment is more streamlined than 360 recruitment and involves fewer steps from start to finish. Delivery consultants who utilize Sales Engagement can further reduce admin time and shorten the entire cycle

As a busy 180 recruiter, you can target a higher volume of candidates in less time while still making each message feel personalized. In addition, automatic email tracking allows you to quickly check which job ad links candidates are clicking and see which candidates opened your emails multiple times. 

As we continue to rely heavily on Zoom for interviewing candidates, your Sales Engagement platform records all calls and meetings so you can quickly revisit what a candidate said and even train new recruiters on what top-performers are doing.

How Account Managers Benefit from Sales Engagement

Candidates can’t stand being ghosted by recruiters. Sales Engagement helps you communicate seamlessly with candidates throughout the recruitment process with personalized emails created on a one-to-one basis and sent at scale. 

With Sales Engagement, your team can gather personalization data from various sources and use those insights to create personalized messages with embedded videos, links, or attachments. 

Even if you wind up not hiring a candidate, everyone appreciates transparency, so thorough communication is key to making a good impression and ensuring your company’s reputation.

How Business Development Benefits from Sales Engagement

The number of interactions needed to get to a ‘yes’ has jumped from 17 to 27 during the pandemic! (Forrester) yet BD reps usually give up after three attempts. With Sales Engagement, reps can finally ditch excel spreadsheets and BD black books by receiving automatic reminders on when to follow up with a quick overview of all past communication. Recruitment professionals are all too familiar with the slowdowns associated with hiring freezes, seasonality, or bad timing. However, Sales Engagement tool with automated reminders and messaging features keeps recruiters engaged so they can capitalize on “downtime,” stay consistent, and prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks.

How Recruitment Leadership Benefits from Sales Engagement 

Leaders at recruitment firms are focused on the two R’s: revenue and results. Sales Engagement gives recruitment leaders more visibility into their teams’ activities, pipelines, and workflows to understand what the top consultant is doing and replicate that success among the entire recruitment team. 

Analytics allows for leaders to quickly identify what engagement actions are or aren’t working on their team. Often wondering why your top biller consistently outperforms everyone? Remove the gut instinct and receive actionable insights into what they are doing. Then give that to the rest of the team to mimic.

As a result of eliminating admin tasks, Sales Engagement has allowed teams to double their calls, increase emails by 113%, and increase total conversations by 292%.

The Bottom Line on How Sales Engagement Makes Recruiting More Seamless

Hiring dream candidates for dream jobs becomes a lot easier with Sales Engagement. Sales Engagement helps recruiters find the right balance of automation and personalization to genuinely connect with candidates and give them an incredible experience.

Automation keeps the recruitment journey moving along, and personalization offers human interaction that creates a lasting positive impression on candidates. This is precisely what candidates seek from recruiters in this competitive market, with two-thirds saying personalized initial outreach makes them more likely to apply for a position.

Whether you’re a 180 recruitment consultant, an account manager, or management, having the right Sales Engagement tool leads to more wins while easing your workload, so you can concentrate on the rewarding parts of your job.