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How Procare Solutions found its “aha” moment with Salesloft in 3 simple steps

By: Salesloft Editorial


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When asked about her company’s relationship with Salesloft, Kassie Leach, Manager of Sales Ops at Procare Solutions, puts it pretty plainly: “It’s not one of those tools where we go, ‘maybe we’ll get rid of it next year. We will write everything we do around those processes.” 

But how did her sales team get to that point? We sat down with Kassie to learn more. For starters, she said her team’s success with Salesloft had a lot to do with the type of interactions she was having with her customers.

“My original ‘aha’ moment with Salesoft was that I can be my own marketer and really control hitting that number,” Kassie said. She continued, “Throughout my time as an AE… I didn’t really feel like I had that control. I was working just to kind of figure out how I could communicate with my customers. But [Salesloft] allowed me to do it in a channel, or a way the customer wanted me to interact with them.”

How did Kassie expand and extend her own “aha” moment across an entire team though? And how does her team operate in an ever shifting sales climate? Keep reading. Kassie explained to us what it meant for the Procare Solutions team to discover a new groove in order to meet the (aha) moment. 

1. All in one place

Kassie told us that one of the contributing reasons why Salesloft helped her team change the game was because of its integration capabilities. Our ability to sync across other tools in the Procare Solution tech stack allowed internal users at their company to work better together—and in one place—to access the important customer data needed to meet and exceed their customers service expectations. 

Specifically, Salesloft allowed the Procare Solutions team’s to flow their customer data into Salesforce and to have a fuller, more holistic view that helped their sales rep act more efficiently in the moment. 

2. Curated content

Kassie still has a hands-on approach when it comes to training and onboarding new members of her team. With Salesloft, however, she notes that the software is really curated, taking into account the sort of functionality that a highly productive sales team needs. She went on to say that the Salesloft tool itself provides her reps thought-provoking ways of utilizing its feature. So if you have a workflow idea or common customer issue, you have the ability to customize the tool to work for you.

Besides its curation, Kassie shared how easy and effective the UI of the tool is. Her sales reps only take a few minutes to get up and running with Salesloft.

3. True scalability

While her hands-on approach to training AEs is the sort of thoughtful approach Procare Solutions strives for, Kassie told us that she knows it’s not how she intends to scale her team’s reach. For that, her reps rely on quick start guides native to the Salesloft platform. Leads on her sales team are able to just give to reps as needed, so that more tenured members of the sales team are not spending valuable hours walking a newer teammate through the entire setup. 

“We certainly couldn’t scale to the size that we are if I had to walk every user through,” Kassie said. And with Procare Solutions being #1 in the child care management industry, we don’t blame them.

Before pouring her team’s resources and attention fully into Salesloft, Kassie and Procare Solutions lost valuable time jumping between multiple unrelated systems just to know what kind of activity their reps were able to achieve in a regular work week. It created the sort of inefficiencies that are unfortunately par for the course in a lot of SaaS companies. But she didn’t settle or write off her team. 

You don’t have to either.

If you are on the fence about starting a sales enablement tool, watch the full interview with Kassie Leach, and hear her account firsthand. Then try Salesloft for yourself. According to her, the outcome is well worth it.